Janet Panelo is a singer songwriter who was born in Mendoza, Argentina. Art always played an important role within the family as her father sings tangos, her mother is a writer and her brother is a drummer. At the young age of 7 she started playing piano at Yamaha Music Academy. At 13 years old her musical career became more intense due to an event: she went to a concert of a band that was playing tribute to The Beatles, called “The Beats” and because of that influence her passion for music began. Since then, her father taught her how to play bass and guitar while learning The Beatles’ songs.                                                                            

Later, during her first year of high school, along with three of her classmates, they formed a band called “Stratto”, in which she was the bass player and sang chorus, and she maintained throughout high school, playing the most popular national rock and blues songs of Pappo, Soda Stereo and other Argentine artists, along with songs of her own authorship. 

At the age of 14, she composes her first song in Spanish, “Rutas de mi Destino”. Since then she started to write and compose more songs; at the age of 17 she composes her first song in English, “At the end of the storm” (Al final de la Tormenta). She continued to create songs of various themes, for example love, the experience of others, etc.                                            

To better herself, she started to take lessons with recognized professionals of her country, like Gerardo Luceroo and Rodrigo Iglesias (bass guitar teachers); Veronica Montiveros, Marianela Martin, Mariel Santos (voice teachers); Raquel Delu (Drama teacher) and Willy Martinez (music teacher). Then she met and shared the stage with other bands and soloist like “Triple Via”, “Deja Vu”, “Artemis”, “Gatimelodicas”, Mariana Dumit” “Nahuel Estrella” artists and groups that were featured in our Province. In 2010 she was part of the musical group  “Negro Fiat en Banda”, led by the renown musician from Mendoza, Roberto Fiat. Most of the groups she has shared the stage have in their repertoire the most popular national rock and folk music of our country along with songs of their own authorship. 

After this process of looking herself with a great number of local artist, at the age of 19 she decides to star her career as a soloist and stars to write and compose more songs en English and Spanish and working with the artistic production for her first album, “Al Final de la Tormenta”. Since then she started to create her first pop-rock record with lyrics and music that talk about various experiences of her life. 

It was an arduous process in which many professional from Mendoza participated, among them, the photographer, Martin Orozco and his crew from “Bytal Comunicaciones” in charge of the images and artistic direction; and the “Supersonico” and “Fader Records” studios for the creation of the models of her songs in which participated the musicians Carlos Casciani, Willy Martinez, Pablo Fascio, Roberto Fiat, Mariana Dumit and Carlos Frites. In the next stage she had the assistance of the musical producer and maestro of music, Willy Martinez, who was in charge of the production of the record, which was recorded at the “Sai Records” studio of Fernando “Mimi” Orozco and had the participation of the musicians Emanuel Romero on drums, Luis Cotiquelli on bass, Willy Martinez in production and guitars, Andres Tapia on keyboard, Marisa Cicero and Celeste Giampaoli in chorus. 

The songs of this record were presented in numerous shows along with the more national classical rock, the folklore and the tango in conjunction with other artists and schools of music, for example: “Clap! Formacion Integral de Artistas” and the samples of singing by Professor Mariel Santos. 

Today in her repertoires you can find a broad range of musical genres belonging to national rock genre, folklore, pop, and, of course, songs that represent Argentineans before the world, the tango. The breadth of the repertoire is due to the incentive of being able to reach the largest amount public and, no matter the age, all listeners can listen some of their favorite songs.

In this way, Janet has presented her music on diverse stages of the province, like theater, restaurants and private events by either being part of other musical groups or as a soloist; and she has also appeared in different T.V. and radio programs and newspapers. 

Besides her musical career, she studied International Relations. Her gratest accomplishments in her career allowed her to win a scholarship to represent Argentina in China, in 2013, together with the Governor at that time, Francisco Perez. The purpose was to make a cultural and student exchange with Shanghai University and, among other things, this University offered her to make the song for the MBA program. 

In 2016, she continues her studies at Yamaha Music Academy and Conservatory of Music Rossini, where she obtained her degree as a Professor of Theory and Sol-Fa in 2017. The degree was granted her by teacher Viviana Piña. 

Subsequently in that year, she travels to United States of America to work as an Argentinean culture representative through music, promoting tango, folklore and Argentine rock through singing at one of the most distinguished Spanish restaurants in center Florida, called “El Bodegón”. Since then she has been working promoting Argentine culture, not only in central Florida but also in the city that of Miami at large, where she continues to share her Argentine heritage trough her musical performance. Argentinean press has recognized her as “Argentina’s musical ambassador in the US” and other artistic media outlets have acknowledged her as “Spoke person of Argentine culture in US”.

Besides her performance, Fundación Zaldivar, a reputable argentinean charity foundation, commissioned her to produce an original anthem on its behalf and she also composed three original scores for short films produced by a group of a well-known Argentine Theatre located in the city of Miami. All these works of art were put together with her production crew in Argentina led by the producer Willy Martínez.

Today, Janet Panelo continues her studies in songwriting with the music producer, Paul Hoyle, in the city of Miami, who has collaborated with high profile artist such as Shakira, Julio Iglesias, María Martha Serra Lima, Palito Ortega, among others. Currently she is working on her new album in English and Spanish with the record label, “Olde Bear Music”. The first promotional music video is based on her song, “I wanna go home” , which is a new version of her original song “At the end of the storm”. This song can be listened at her YouTube channel “Janet Panelo”, iTunes, Spotify, among other platforms. 

“As a professional musician and cultural advocate and educator, Janet Panelo endeavors to do more than promoting her Argentine tradition. Above all, she is committed to delivering a positive message to a wide range of audiences playing her part to healing the wounds of communities.  She considers of utmost importance to spread positive values and that songs achieve their function in helping people by raising  awareness of these values, encouraging them to better themselves and to fulfill their personal goals. She breaks the myth that commercial music has to be superficial to be successful.”